Corporate Coaching


If you feel stressed out at work, have lost your sense of engagement, or have noticed a lack of teamwork, you are not alone. Today’s boardroom can feel like yesterday’s playground—mean girls, bullies, cliques, and conflicts.

I specialize in helping individuals and teams clarify their values, manage their differences, and deepen their connections—which leads to a workplace that just feels better.

"Rena's supportive, non-judgemental approach has changed the way I deal with crisis in my life. Rena challenges me to ask the hard questions of myself and peel away the layers to reveal the underlying issues and identify what is important versus what I allow to be in my way. Rena listens and truly hears me. I was amazed from the start at her ability to see through my rants and get to the heart of it. Rena does not give the answers but the tools to ask and answer those hard questions. She helps me look at my issues in a way that separates me from the emotion involved, which has led me to making smarter choices. Rena has equipped me for the future and truly helped me rediscover the great person I am. Thank you, Rena."

~Ralph Steendam (Edmonton, AB)

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