Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Students


The stats are in: emotional intelligence is linked to greater life success. Understanding what we are feeling when we feel it—and knowing how to manage the more challenging emotions—sets us up to have healthier relationships, make more rational decisions, and inspire those we end up leading. 

Designed using current findings from the fields of neuroscience and mindfulness, my classroom workshops teach students how to manage their emotions, act with empathy and compassion, and effectively resolve conflicts. Kids get this stuff. They are open, engaged, and willing to be vulnerable about their feelings and their relationships. Sometimes they just need a little guidance.

"Rena has come to my grade 5/6 Health class a number of times. She connects well with people and the students are engaged in the lessons. She uses humour, visuals and examples to get her point across, and the students have an opportunity to practice what they've learned in class and after. They often refer back to what Rena has taught them and her concepts come up naturally later so they can be reinforced. I highly recommend Rena coming into any classroom."

~Jan Frohlich, Teacher (Edmonton, AB)

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